a theatre group for children

Jhalapala feels responsibility to introduce the children to the multilayered society, on one hand to the different section of people of different culture and on the other, to the eminent and great contributors to different fields of art and humanity through its workshops.

Jhalapala has already introduced its learners to different art and media to enrich them with taste and value of correlation.

Jhalapala exercises theatre games, word games, improvisation puzzles to open up the learners' minds and colour their world of imagination.

The pleasure of rehearsal room set them free from the pressure and horror of extensive syllabus and series of examination. They go back to their reading tables with rejuvenated energy. Jhalapala expresses the true significance of life to the children- that sick and meaningless competition can never be the aim of it. The life means the all round development of personality through joy and pleasure.