+ Jhalapala


a theatre group for children

At Jhalapala Children Not Only Learn But They….

  1. They go to local schools with the aim of having the children enthusiastic and interested to theatre, conducting workshops and engaging their attention of building play of their own in the cultural programs of their schools.
  1. They feel deep concern to involve themselves in the cultural activities of local children to pass on the message of theatre to them.
  1. They admit the responsibility to environment and take part in tree planting programs and leafleting, distributing booklets to ensure the increase in awareness regarding this.
  1. Every year they open bookstall enriched with different children literature and there exhibit samples of different crafts made by themselves.


Some projects

1.      In 2014-15 Jhalapala Organize awareness campaigning with Dept of Forest, West Bengal

2.      In 2014-15 Jhalapala successfully completed “Performance by the children from the Patua families of West Bengal” which is supported by IFA & Qualcomm Foundation.

3.      In 2013 Jhalapala Organize awareness campaigning with CESC

4.      In 2011 Jhalapala and Goethe Institute kolkata organize a storytelling festival at Maxmular Bhavan  

5.      In 2008 Jhalapala successfully developed ‘Dustu Bagh’ which is a combination of  Theatre and ‘Pata Chitra’ is supported by IFA.