a theatre group for children

From the very beginning JHALAPALA had started its effort, it dreamt of reaching to a broader viewer of theatre, searching a new path for newer space where its children can meet the people from different corners of society. Keeping this dream in heart JHALAPALA introduced children theatre festival from 1998. Thus in one hand various children theatre groups could be connected and on the other the children grew a serious responsibility towards this art by conducting this festival on their own. A required intimacy has been developed between this little theatre workers and viewers. Through this journey JHALAPALA realizes that the objectives it seeks to fulfill have been advancing in the way of righteousness. 


In the early days JHALAPALA used to conduct its festivals in closed door halls.


Its first children theatre festival was held in Girish Mancha in the year 1998. Next four festivals were held in Girish Mancha, Bijon Theatre & Muktangan respectively in 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003.


Later JHALAPALA felt the necessity for open air theatre festival in order to connect greater viewers' circle and initiate involvement with the local people & local cultural practice. Till date JHALAPALA has arranged five open air children festivals in locality spotting four different advantageous spaces where people can be connected easily.