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About the play


Directed by : Santanil Ganguly

Type : Proscenium

Duration :1hr 10min

This is about someone who is a loner. Amidst the smart upstart world he is one who is uncomfortable, helpless and slightly disgruntled. Living in a friendless world for a while, suddenly he discovers a new friend – his own shadow.

Knujo Bhut Ar Dotyir Galpo

Directed by : Santanil Ganguly

Type : Intimate

Duration :30min

There's a haunted house where five ghosts reigned, all having their unique physical attributes. There's a Dotyi too who always suffers from anguish and hyperactivity since his character is not given due importance by the narrator. And there are two hunchbacks- as per Newton's Third Law, when one is good, the other one has to be inevitably bad. And then it’s about how the bad wanted all bad things to happen with the good one; but what exactly fate has in store for them.

Shatru Daman Payes (Bengali)

/ Enemy Pudding (English)

Directed by : Santanil Ganguly

Associate Director: Ruchira Das

Type : Intimate

Duration :30min

In this funny yet endearing story, one little boy learns an effective recipes for turning your best enemy into your best friend. Accompanied by very simple, colorful and refreshing theatrical form, Enemy Pudding serves up a sweet lesson in the difficulties and ultimate rewards of making new friends.

Ta Se Jotoi Chhoto Hok

Directed by : Angshuman Das

Type :  Intimate/Open air

Duration : 35min

Based on ‘Horton Hears A Who’ by Dr.Seuss. This play ment for the young adults, conveys a heartfelt message through music and amusement.

Bhool Rasta

Directed by : Angshuman Das

Type : Intimate/Open air

Duration : 30min

In this play of Badal Sarkar’s story teller tells the story. A story of prince. Who got lost in forest to bring medicine for his mother. There he became friend of a woodcutter. This story is all about the lives of prince and woodcutter.