a theatre group for children

Jhalapala is a kolkata based theatre group for children aiming at making theatre activity a source of creative joy. Founded in 2nd November 1996, Jhalapala has sailed through a long and exciting way. As a center to peer the routes and roads of creative expression through which childhood blooms to its excellence, Jhalapala emerged as a place for vibrant theatre activities. Since then it is a continuous journey of learning, joy and creativity.

Jhalapala believes – ‘Theatre is a trusted mirror of human history and life.’ Through its theatre activities with children Jhalapala not only tries to capture that reflection but also aims at reconstructing a new enthusiasm for life.

Jhalapala started his journey with a proscenium theatre titled ABARTHYO LAKSHYOVED. But with the view of reaching a larger audience Jhalapala began engaging itself with open-air theatre as well. Now Jhalapala performs both in OPEN AIR & PROSCENIUM format.

Jhalapala feels the necessity to create smart and good bplays for children with professional skills. And started practicing TYA – i.e. Theatre For Young Audience by Adult Professionals and produced 6 plays till date. Jhalapala also became the member of Assitej India and performed in TIFFLI (International Theatre Festival for Young Audience) in Delhi and Mumbai in 2016.02017 & 2018.

Jhalapala feels the responsibility of introducing the children to the diversity of our life and culture. Thus on the one hand it exposes the multi-layered character of our life and on the other it explores the diverse range of people society and nature one is surrounded by. Jhalapala's message to the viewers is

–theatre is an art of life, everyone may take part in it.